POLISH AIR FORCE UNIVERSITY in collaboration with:

has the honour to invite for the 1st international conference

“Air Defence Development in NATO’s Eastern Flank” #ADDNEF2023

which will be held on

30-31, May 2023

in Dęblin, Poland

Russia's aggression on Ukraine indicated major changes in the whole security environment. The majority of researchers have taken the view that the world order is currently in the process of reshaping. The war in Ukraine also shows the great importance of the efficiency and effectiveness of air defence. New approaches to air defence require the capacity to engage various types of targets and well-developed interoperability in multi-dimension warfare.

The international conference “Air Defence Development of NATO’s Eastern Flank” is a continuation of the conference “Challenges and Development of Air Defence in the Republic of Poland” held every two years at the Polish Air Force University. The conference is the University’s response to the security environment needs to conduct discussions regarding the dynamic changes in air defence. Multiple modernisations of air defence in various countries, especially in NATO’s eastern flank states, as well as Russia's invasion of Ukraine, created the need to connect international specialists from academia, armed forces and defence companies.

The conference will provide a platform to exchange experiences, update research programmes and introduce the defence companies’ capabilities to the representatives of the armed forces. An additional value of the conference consists in it being an excellent opportunity for inducing cooperation between the commercial sector and academia.

I believe this conference will bring forth a great chance to create a networking group to develop NATO's eastern flank air defence. That is why I would like to invite all defence companies to cooperate with the Polish Air Force University in the preparation of this event. 

Polish Air Force University

gen Cur

Brig. Gen. Pil. Krzysztof CUR, PhD, Eng.



Russia's armed attack on Ukraine, which started on 24 February 2022, sparked the largest military crisis in Europe since World War II and triggered the need to modernise NATO's arsenal/strategy. The conference is the response to the changes in the security environment of Central and Eastern Europe caused by the aggression of the Russian Federation of Ukraine. With the continuous growth of adversary activity and deployment of advanced missiles and aerial threats, providing counter technologies and defence platforms, as well as coordinating, training, and assuring the readiness of our forces at home and across allies, takes front and centre.

Understanding the challenges and importance of cooperation as we operate in a multidomain battle space is now more relevant than ever. #ADDNEF2023 is planned to become an annual gathering essential for developing Poland’s and allied superiority and maintaining global stability. The conference aims to create an international forum to discuss the dynamic changes in air defence, including new threats and possible countermeasures. It stems from recognising the fact that current circumstances require the strengthening of cooperation in the region.


The conference is addressed to individual and institutional experts working on air defence. It is meant to bring together an audience comprised of policymakers, Chiefs of Staff, Operational Commanders, Heads of Acquisition, engineers and Industry Executives from Poland and the countries from the region shaping the present and future of Integrated Air & Missile Defence.

So far, among the confirmed participants, there are representatives from Military Academies from NATO’s eastern flank, including Bulgaria, Czechia, Estonia, Poland, Romania and Ukraine. Talks are underway with other partners from the region.


The conference will be held in both Polish and English, and organizers will provide a translation from Polish to English.


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