Time Description
Participants Moderator Topics
                      DAY 1
08:00-09:00 REGISTRATION
09:00-09:30 INAUGURATION
09:30-10:30 DISCUSSION
9:30-10:30 Maj. Gen. Zenon Brzuszko, Ph.D. (MDNE) Col. (R) Prof. Eugeniusz Cieślak (BDC)  
Maj. Gen. Pil. Cezary Wiśniewski (GHQ)
Bryg. Gen. Kazimierz Dyński (ADHQ)
Bryg. Gen. Ireneusz Nowak (AFI)
Maj. Gen. Ireneusz Starzyński (AOC-ACC)
10:30-11:00 BREAK
  New Trends in Air Defence
11:00-12:00 DISCUSSION
10:00-11:00 Mr. Marek Borejko (PGZ) Mr. Bartosz Głowacki  
Dr. Przemysław Kowalczuk (PIT-RADWAR)
Mr. Adrian Monks (MBDA)
Lt. Gen. (R) Howard B. Bromberg (Lockheed Martin)
Mr. Joseph Paul De Antona (Raytheon Technologies)
Col. Dr. Michał Marciniak (AA)
12:00-13:30 LUNCH BREAK
13:30-13:45 Col. Prof. Valerii Patalakha (UA) Dr. Paweł Bernat Trends in the Development of Ground-Based Air Defence in the Context of the Russian-Ukrainian War Experience
13:45-14:00 Mr. Reuben F. Johnson (USA) Fallen Giant: Russian Air Power Failures to Execute in the Ukraine War
14:00-14:15 Col. Tomasz Pietrus (SHAPE) Integrated Air and Missile Defence Strategic Aspects with SBAD Focus
14:15-14:30 Mr. Tymoteusz Trocki (POLSA) Polish Space Observation Capabilities in the Aspect of modern Battelfield
14:30-14:45 Col. Radosław Kudraj (18 ADReg.) RAM-Type Air Threats, Old-New Challenge for Air Defense Forces
14:45-15:00 Col. (R) Prof. Konrad Dobija (MUoLF) Countering Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in Military Operations
15:00-15:15 Dr. Tomasz Smura (PF) The US Ballistic Missile Defence System and its contribution to Allied security
15:15:-15:30 Prof. Marian Kopczeski (MUoLF) Defense and Deterrence as the Basis of the A2/Ad System in the Smart City Defense
15:30:-15:45 Col. (R) Prof. Adam Radomyski (PAFU) Air Defense Forecasting
15:45-16:00 FINAL REMARKS
18:30-22:00 DINNER at Jablonowski palace dress code smart business casual
                         END of DAY 1
09:00 DAY 2
09:00-09:20 Golden Partners Opening Session
09:20-11:40 International Air Defence Semester: Education and Training
09:20-10:20 DISCUSSION
9:20-10:20 Col. Prof. Jan Farlik (CZE) Prof. Maciej Marszałek  
Col. Prof. Laurian Gherman (ROU)
Lt. Col. Prof. Andrzej Truskowski (POL)
Col. (R) Prof. Eugeniusz Cieślak (EST)
Col. Prof. Serhii Korotin (UA)
10:20-10:35 Col. Prof. Serhii Korotin Col. (R) Prof. Piotr Malinowski Organization of the Institute and Air Defence education of the National Defence University of Ukraine named after Ivan Cherniakhovskyi
10:35-10:50 Col. Prof. Laurian Gherman International Air Defence Semester
10:50-11:05 Maj. Dr. Daniel Michalski Air Safety Engineering Studies in PAFU
11:05-11:40 BREAK
11:40-13:10 Social, Political, Economic, and Technical Aspects of Air Defence
11:40-11:55 Col. Dr. Pavlo Openko Dr. Marta Borowska-Stefańska Method of Planning of Exit of Compound Technical Objects into Repair During Operation According to State
11:55-12:10 Dr. Marcel Horňák, Dr. Alena Rochovská Spatial Mobility of the Inhabitants of Slovakia in the Event of a Military Conflict on Their Territory: The Case of Michalovce Town
12:10-12:25 Col. (R) Prof. Norbert Grzesik Weapon efficiency evaluation supported by AI
12:25-12:40 Mr. Tomasz Noga On Safety of Suborbital Rocket Launches from the Polish Coast
12:40-12:55 Mr. Maciej Cichocki Lessons Learned from the Production of the Three-Stage Suborbital Rocket to Lift Research Payloads
12:55-13:10 Dr. Paweł Bernat Space Arms Race 2.0: The Commencement, Determinants, and Forecast
13:10-13:55 Current Threats as a Challenge to Surface Based Air Defence
13:10-13:25 Lt. Col. Dr. Witold Materak Maj. Dr. Daniel Michalski Air Threats on the future armed conflicts
13:25-13:40 Dr. Dariusz Rodzik The Role of Acoustic Detection and Identification Systems of Air Threats on the Modern Battlefield
13:40-13:55 Lt. Col. Dr. Tomasz Kulik Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft of the Future: A Challenge for Air Defense
13:55-14:25 Student/Ph.D. Candidates Session
14:25-14:30 FINAL REMARKS
14:30-15:00 END of CONFERENCE

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