A conference participant who has declared the willingness to publish an article related to the subject of the conference may choose one of two methods of publication:

  • Articles in English qualified by the Editorial Committee of the “Safety & Defense” journal will be published in the special conference edition (70 points acc. to the Polish Ministry of Education and Science list); webpage: https://sd-magazine.eu.
  • Other articles, in Polish or English, will be published in a multi-author monograph prepared by the Polish Air Force University Publishing House (20 points acc. to the Polish Ministry of Education and Science list).

All papers should be formatted in accordance with the guidelines of the journal and sent via the website: https://sd-magazine.eu with the annotation “AD Issue”. The decision regarding the acceptance for publication will be made by the journal’s Editorial Board.

Papers not qualified for publication in the journal will be sent by the Editors for evaluation by the organizing committee, which will then decide on the possibility of publishing them in a multi-author monograph. The organizing committee reserves the right for the possibility of returning the text, its correction or rejection in a situation where it does not meet the established formal requirements and scientific criteria. Articles sent in Polish or intended only for publication in a multi-author monograph should meet the editorial requirements of the Polish Air Force University Publishing House.