The conference “Challenges and Development of Air Defence in the Republic of Poland” has been organised by the Polish Air force University under the auspices of the National Security Bureau of Poland since 2018. Although its main focus was the national air defence, from its conception, it was meant to be a forum where all branches of the Polish military could come together, discuss, and contribute. Therefore, the conference has been organised with the cooperation of all Polish Armed Forces Universities (Land Forces University, Military University of Technology, War Studies University and Naval Academy). The last one was held in 2021.

Every year, we housed representatives from various universities, air defence units, military commands, and military industries (more than one hundred participants). The conference has also been widely recognized and covered by the media, including TV stations, the press, and social media.

However, taking into account the recent changes in the regional security environment, we recognized the need to expand this forum, go beyond the national borders and invite people and institutions from the NATO east flank region. The upcoming “Air Defence Development of NATO’s Eastern Flank” conference is a successor and natural continuation of the conference series “Challenges and Development of Air Defence in the Republic of Poland” organized in the past

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